Location: Sofia, m-t Kambanite district, Hitar Petar Str., Sofia region
REF. #:  6260363 - SOF-97280
Location: Sofia, m-t Kambanite district, Hitar Petar Str., Sofia region
РЗП: 3200 sq.m
AVAILABLE: 6 (46%)
Prices: € 540 000 - 750 000  (VAT excl.) PRICE LIST
Areas: 289.18 sq.m - 429.68 sq.m
Development status:  Under construction

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As a sole agency we present Aria Park Townhouses near the renowned Anglo-American school in Sofia, close to Pancharevo lake. Sun, fresh air, beautiful views, security and its own green space for rest and children's games - these are some of the amenities you can enjoy in Aria Park Townhouses.

The project offers a healthy living environment and consists of 13 terraced houses with their own yards with dimensions between 100 sq.m and 210 sq.m. Security and video surveillance are provided for the residents safety. Each house is facing South and offers beautiful mountain views.

The 4-bedroom houses consist of:
• 1st floor: living room and kitchen, entrance hall, toilet, storage, garage;
• 2nd floor: large master bedroom, children's room and guest room with closet, which can be transformed into a second children's room, two separate bathrooms and a common closet;
• 3rd floor: the last level consists of an open space, whose function provides a place for rest and office, bed and bathroom.

Green areas for common use: 695.89 sq.m.
Alleys, approaches and parking for guests: 656.67 sq.m.

Aria Park Townhouses is situated on a natural hall and provides maximum sunshine in all seasons, as well as a guarantee of clean and fresh air a step away from the city. The access is provided through the existing excellent infrastructure network. The complex will also be connected to the central sewerage. The area is inhabited and built with new and beautiful houses.

The plot is located only 600 meters (or 3 minutes by car) away from the Anglo-American School of Sofia, 13 km from the ideal capital center and 1.8 km. (or 4 minutes by car) from the newly built Samokovsko Shosse road junction and the Ring Road, which provide for fast and convenient connection with any point of the city. Only 5 minutes from there is the magnificent Pancharevo Lake, providing coolness and relaxation on warm days, as well as the opportunity for various sports activities and even space for impressive cultural events such as the open stage of the Sofia Opera and Ballet, built in summer 2021. The access to Borovets is convenient and allows regular practice of winter sports by all comers.

The maintenance and management of the complex and its common parts will be entrusted to the renowned company PropertyManagement.BG. The monthly fee is to be determined at the first general meeting of the owners, which will be held immediately after the permission to use of the buildings received. The monthly maintenance fee will be chosen by the residents by a majority vote. The management and maintenance of the complex will be performed by the "open book" method, in compliance with full transparency of the spending of funds, through regular financial statements, which will be available to each of the residents of the complex.

Technical specifications
Monolithic construction with reinforced concrete columns, washers, beams and slabs. The external walls with Wienerberger lattice bricks and warm and flat roof. The heating is by an air-water heat pump and radiator heating. The water-air heat pump is on direct evaporation, inverter, with an indoor and outdoor unit with copper, heat-insulated pipe connection between them. The windows joinery and doors are PVC 5-chamber, aluminum window frames on the first floors and solid wood front door.

Construction plan:
Start of construction: August 2021
Act 14: March 2023
Act 15: February 2024
Act 16: April 2024

The Developer of the project boasts more than 15 years of experience in the construction of housing projects. The team consists of civil engineers who designed and built a large number of residential buildings in the capital.

Location (approximate)