Vineyards Investment1

Vineyards Investment

Today, owning vineyards is not only a dream come true, but also a very profitable investment. A good harvest is an extremely valuable and rare asset, so the Barnes Bulgaria team is here to assist you in the entire process of buying or selling. Our extensive experience with high-budget transactions helps businesspersons and investors realize their plans in strict compliance with their needs and requirements.

Thanks to its experience in the wine sector, BARNES Vineyards Investment is able to offer both mediation and various other personalized services aimed at buyers and sellers of exclusive wines and properties. BARNES Vineyards Investment is the preferred intermediary when it comes to buying or selling a vineyard due to its network of clients, which includes the world's largest investors and wine property owners.

• Sellers: Owners who trust BARNES Vineyards Investment in sale of their properties receive specialized assistance, support and a personalized approach to present their property to its full potential.

• Investors: The company's estate portfolio is gaining more and more international dimension with opening of offices in the best wine-producing countries, including France, Italy and Portugal. BARNES Vineyards Investment offers access to a selection of exclusive properties that will never be officially on the market.

Also, our team of proven professionals in the wine and financial industry is available to help you with property inspections, as well as in preparing a business plan, so necessary before any investment. We are also available to provide you with a range of services, including assistance and advice after the acquisition.

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